In these days of slightly more relaxed styling, there are lots of situations where a sports jacket is a great choice for putting together a look that’s appropriate and good looking.

Put on your sports jacket, add a tailored shirt and a dark blue pair of jeans and you wouldn’t be out of place in many social occasions nowadays, or at any restaurant or club you care to visit.

Back in the days when an English gent never ventured out with out a jacket and tie, the brown tweed jacket was de rigueur in the country to hunt on horseback, or to shoot birds tramping through the heather. It was a practical garment, with slanted pockets and a large back vent (for mobility when clambering on the horse).

At the same time, sportsmen from cricket and rowing clubs wore single breasted blazers in club colours. But it wasn’t just sportsmen who started to wear the ‘sports’ jacket. In 1837, the first blue double breasted blazer was worn by sailors on a British frigate to impress the visiting queen.

Nowadays sports jackets are more popular than ever. As with a bespoke suit, a bespoke sports jacket can be customised for an individual’s tastes, and whilst we rarely encourage anything other than formal business attire for the office, everyone needs to relax and a bespoke sports jacket is the perfect garment to relax in.

Here at Norton and Townsend, we have a collection of hundreds of lighter tweeds and woollens perfect for a single breasted jacket to wear with casual trousers or jeans, so your bespoke tailored wardrobe need not be restricted to board room attire.

A word about the trousers to wear with your sports jacket, by the way; the most important consideration in your trouser selection is to NOT have them too closely match your jacket. Too close, and they look like a badly matched suit. This is why lots of men go for jeans (dark blue, not faded), but equally a neutral pair of dress trousers or khakis with a dark jacket go fabulously and look great.

Bear this in mind when you’re wondering just what to wear for an upcoming important social occasion. Nowadays, dress standards are less clear cut and you can be left fretting about what to wear for a dinner party, concert or an afternoon reception. If you don’t know your host that well and you want to make a good impression, the sports coat could well come to your rescue. It started out life as a leisure jacket remember, and it does the job today as well as it ever did.

Even if no-one else is wearing a jacket when you get to the event, people appreciate that you’ve made the effort, and you can always slip it off if you feel it’s a bit too much. But that’s not likely to happen, as a custom tailored sports jacket is rarely out of place, and teamed with jeans or dress trousers, it’s a tough look to beat.