For many years Abraham Moon and Sons ranges have offered the assurance of luxurious quality and a unique understanding of the ever-changing needs in the clothing industry. The traditional fabrics combined with innovative and modern use of colour and design have helped them to continue to serve leading fashion labels, designers and retailers across the world.

In 1837 back in the days of empire, not only did Queen Victoria succeed to the British throne but the Abraham Moon and Sons was founded to supply yarn for local families to weave cloth on hand looms in their homes in Guiseley.

When the cloth was woven Abraham would collect the pieces, paying the weavers for their work. The cloth was then scoured (washed) locally and hung out to dry in the surrounding fields. Abraham would then transport the pieces by horse and cart to Leeds for sale in the market.

Thirty years later, Abraham built a three storey mill which used the abundant source of pure local water (it can be wet up here in Yorkshire!) for washing the cloth. The cloth is washed today with the same pure spring water.

Design and pattern books which date back to the early part of the Twentieth Century tell a story in themselves. Fashion fabrics from 1900 to 1913 gradually give way to army shirting, trouserings and greatcoat cloths from 1914 which in turn are replaced by the emerging fashions of the 20s.

Nowadays, it’s with a nod toward the valuable traditions embodied by Abraham Moon and Sons that Norton and Townsend tailor hand-finished, bespoke modern classic suits, sports jackets and overcoats for our clients. We strive to provide our clients with the very best – the best quality, the best service, and the best fabrics.