Turn back the clock if you will, to the 1990’s, an era of change, of growth and excess. A lot has changed in the last twenty-seven years; politics, technology and of course, fashion. Trousers were wide. Hell suits were wide, with even wider ties. And if you didn’t have three buttons on your jacket how on earth were you supposed to keep all that fabric in check? Yes the nineties saw some interesting sartorial choices and also ushered in the popularity of the travelling tailor.

Supply and Demand

After the economical dip in the early nineties, the UK saw a market boom like never before which ran through into the 2000’s. Some of the countries wealthiest who were at the heart of this growth were the bankers, investors and accountants based in London who wanted to look their best, but didn’t have the time to stroll down Saville Row any more.

Enter: The travelling tailor.

Although the 90’s saw a boom in travelling tailors with many firms successfully capitalising on this demand whilst still sticking to traditional tailoring values (N&T included), providing quality customer service and a quality end product – it also created an environment where customers were easily taken advantage of.

Let me make it very clear, I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but it’s common knowledge that some travelling tailors in the 90’s who didn’t have a shop or workshop premises, gained a relatively bad name for taking deposits and part-payments for their work, but when it came to the final fitting there was no suit and no tailor to be found.

Travelling Tailors – Our Way

Firstly, we have regional offices dotted all over England and Wales and are very proud of the bricks and mortar we’ve worked hard to own. The travelling tailor arm of the business forms part of our dedicated service to our customers and is an extension of the bespoke experience we provide from our dedicated tailoring workshops in Ilkley, near Leeds and Spitalfields tailors in London.

Secondly, we recognise that it is not always convenient to take the time out of a busy day for measuring and fittings. This is why we offer the visiting tailor service. Our team of highly skilled, professional tailors cover the whole of the country, bringing their expertise to your home or office. It means you can enjoy the huge scope that only bespoke tailoring offers – from that perfect fit to fabric choice, buttonhole finishing to waist-band fastenings – at your complete convenience.

Meet our team to discover bespoke tailoring

We make it our priority to pay close attention to every detail at N&T, ‘the details’ is our business, its just what we do. All of our tailors specialise in a particular cut or style of suit, this means we can create the perfect suit to fit anyone’s style or taste. The discerning gent will know what style of suit he likes to wear, which is a great starting point for our travelling tailors – see how each of them have their own definitive style of tailoring here.

So if you’re short on time, or you work too far afield from one of our shops, why not get in touch with us and see how our travelling tailors can bring bespoke to your doorstep.

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