What to wear in the office is a modern day minefield. Getting an off the peg suit or high-street jacket that fits you, will stay looking as good as when you bought it and is the right level of formality, is pretty much impossible.

Enter: Bespoke tailoring.

In the article below we have laid out the different levels of business dress as we see them, what to own, how to wear it and how on every level made to measure office wear is the clear choice.
If in Doubt: Suit

Step one is knowing your audience. Your company may or may not have a dress code, but if you’re not completely sure then you won’t go wrong with a tailored suit. A bespoke two piece suit will make your superiors take you seriously or send the right message if you’re the boss. The feeling of slipping into a suit made precisely to your measurements is incomparable: you feel taller, more confident and seriously refined. With a plethora of styles, colours and fabric combinations that you simply cannot find ‘off the peg’ – a bespoke suit is the discernible man’s choice.

Bespoke Staples

A tailored, single breasted suit should be the centrepiece of any well-dressed wardrobe. It is the go-to for businessmen, politicians and celebrities alike for good reason. It is simple, classically timeless and always looks spot-on. Add individuality to express yourself through colour and pattern and don’t be shy to move away from the typical navy/brown brogue combo (though not too far, this is business dress). Try to work in opposites: a busier suit, like a check calls for a more subtle shirt and tie, whilst a bold shirt will need to be offset with a more reserved choice of suit fabric. Balance is everything.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match different tailored garments, just keep in mind complementary colours and fabrics. The beauty of a well-fitting jacket is its ability to be easily dressed down for a more casual occasion. It will look great with a plain trouser or chino, even a dark denim jean. Omit the tie but stick with a quality tailored shirt to preserve an overall look of professionalism. Depending on your style, you can add a little informality by matching a slim fitting suit with a polo shirt or roll neck sweater. A bespoke suit will fit you perfectly so you have every opportunity to dress it down and still maintain a professional look.

Custom Smart Casual

If your workplace is quite relaxed there will be little call for a three-piece, double breasted, silk masterpiece. Be careful because you can quite easily look overdressed. This, however, is no excuse to be badly dressed. Put some effort in and you will breeze across the treacherous path between smart and casual. All you need are a few bespoke pieces you can dress up or down.

Commission a bespoke blazer in a durable, quality fabric in a neutral colour that you can pair trousers, chinos or even jeans with. Request a snug fit on the shoulder, slim through the body and hem in line with your trouser seat. Sleeves should finish just above the thumb joint revealing a cheeky bit of shirt cuff. Go for single breasted with a peak or notch lapel to be safe or double breasted if you’re feeling particularly fashionable.

Navy is a proven classic and great to pair with a lighter trouser. Try a grey or fawn tweed to add texture and variety to a reserved colour palette in those winter months. Beige linen blend will keep you cool in summer.

Invest In Your Tailor

Whether you’re the CEO and require a suit to match your status or you want to upgrade your go-to staples for an everyday touch of class, bespoke tailoring affords you unlimited choice, incomparable quality and unparalleled longevity.

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