For us, they were never really gone. Being huge advocates of all manner of vertical stripes, we were ecstatic to hear that stripes have made a huge comeback at the seasons main shows back in 2017. Patterns and prints were decidedly absent from most collections with the majority of designers relying on bold, single colours to make a statement – that is, except for the vertical stripe.
It seems they haven’t discriminated, with all manner of stripes on show. From bold, wide stripes to the timeless pinstripe suit. Here at Norton and Townsend we love a vertical striped suit. They can be eye-catching or understated, but they are always flattering and ooze style. With this in mind, we’ve put together three simple rules to mixing stripes when wearing a bespoke striped suit.

This Is Not A Repeat Pattern

One of the most important things to remember when mixing stripes within a suit ensemble is: you can wear a striped suit and shirt, but the two patterns cannot be the same. The same goes for your shirt and tie, ideally try to contrast the vertical stripe of a suit or shirt with a diagonal striped tie or pocket square. The aim of the game is to create contrast against each layer or garment, without clashing.

Keep Things Out Of Proportion

You’ve made a great choice with a bespoke pin-stripe suit tailored for 2018, but what do you pair it with? Keeping the idea of contrast in mind, a narrow or pin-striped suit should be offset against either a wide striped shirt (but not overly so) or a plain shirt with a bold striped tie. It isn’t difficult if you remember that your goal is to create variety. Speak to your tailor and they will suggest a selection of shirts and accessories to compliment your bespoke suit.

Complimentary Colours Between Your Stripes

If you’ve stuck to the previous two rules then you’re pretty much on the home straight now. The last hurdle is a simple one, yet important. What use are those carefully chosen complimentary contrasting stripes if the colours within them clash horrendously? Leave the flamboyancy to the pattern itself and adhere to the basic colour co-ordination rules. If you want a pop of colour then work it in through your accessories or when wearing a suit with a less overpowering pattern.

Commission A Bespoke Striped Suit This Season

So there you have it, dare to be bold this season, step out of your sartorial comfort zone and try something a little more adventurous. As long as you stick to these three simple rules, you can make stripes a regular in your wardrobe. Invest in a quality bespoke suit this season and reward yourself with a timeless classic that will last a lifetime.