Looking stylish comes naturally to some guys, but the rest of us have to work at it a little. There are a few things that you can do easily that’ll see you up there as the most stylish guy in the meeting, your office or the bar.

Number one is to pop in a pocket square. Paying attention to the little details like this is a fail-safe way to smarten up your look. The next time you really want to look the cat’s whiskers, simply add a pocket square to your breast pocket.

We’re assuming that you’ve already gone for a bespoke suit with us, so you’re already going to be looking pretty good. We’d recommend that you should have a black suit, a charcoal suit and a blue suit in your wardrobe, so there’s something for every eventuality. But don’t forget to team up your beautifully tailored suits with an equally good pair of shoes (and give them a polish while you’re at it).

Black shoes are going to work with any of the suit colours we recommend above (and brown shoes work well with the blue suit too), but ALWAYS match the colour of your shoes with the colour of your belt. NEVER walk out of your house with black shoes and brown belt – it’s not good…seriously.

Our last style tip for the bespoke suit clad gentleman pertains to the bottom button of your suit. NEVER do up the bottom button of your suit. If you’re sporting a three button suit, the middle button is fine (even the top two at a push) but not the bottom one. On a two button jacket, JUST the top button…EVER.