There are many ways to fold your pocket square.

If you haven’t tried accessorising your bespoke Norton & Townsend suit with a pocket square yet, then you’re definitely missing a trick.

Maybe you’ve tried wearing a pocket square before; folded it in half, stuffed it into your pocket and hoped for the best.

If you pay some attention, you’ll be able to follow these simple steps and wear it like an expert.

Once you’ve learnt a technique and style that suits you, you’ll begin to see why the pocket square is the ultimate accessory.

Not just a great way to add a hint of cheeky colour or a unique design to your made-to-measure, a pocket square is a reflection of your individual style.

The pocket square can enhance a casual work look as well as accessorising your dinner jacket.

Just remember the golden rule. Never match the exact pattern and colour with your neckwear, but use it to compliment your other accessories through subtle hints.

Try out the pyramid fold by following this guide.

There’s really not a lot to it.