Spring and Summer Suit Colours

The choice of colour for your suit is informed by a number of factors. Tradition certainly plays its part in this, but practical and scientific considerations are also an influence on why we opt for certain colours at particular times of the year.

Research has found that humans see colours differently at different times of the year. Within the summer, the colour yellow appears fresher and slightly infused with green. This due to the eye adjusting to the amount of greenery typically seen at this time of year. This might be one of the reasons that we opt for particular colours at in certain seasons. We tend to opt for brighter, fresher and more intense colours in the spring and summer, which we tend to associate with the colours on display in nature at this time of the year. Whether this is ingrained or just traditional is open to debate, but the relationship between human perception of colour and the season has been established by a study at the University of York, which noted the way in which the appearance of colour to the human eye shifted in spring and summer months.

Consider pastel colours, with peach, pistachio as well as sky blue being popular colours for casual spring suits. For the bolder amongst you, a more intense red is an eye catching look, such as that used for the detailing of the wedding suits above. If you opt for a patterned fabric, consider a floral influence either subtly in the suit fabric itself or for your tie, which is a popular choice for spring and summer weddings as well. Lighter colours, as well as lighter fabrics, are a good choice for warmer seasons. They reflect heat from the sun and aid in keeping the wearer cool, rather than black and dark colours which attract the heat and can cause discomfort on warmer days.

A Spezzato look with white trousers, loafers and a coloured jacket is a popular and continentally influenced choice for summer and ideal for keeping you cool as the temperatures rise. An open collar look is also more common at this time of year to allow for greater ventilation, so consider your choice of shirt. A button down option is a good way to keep a neat-looking collar when it’s not fastened.

Fabric Choices for Warm Weather

Back as the winter was setting in, we recommended wool as a great choice of fabric for a winter suit to insulate you through the colder weather. Wool is also quite a popular choice of fabric for a spring or summer suit as well. This is because it carries moisture away from the wearer. A looser and lighter woollen fabric might be a good choice.

Linen is a very popular summer choice. This is because of its lightweight quality and the fact that it’s very breathable. This breathability is down to the weave of the material, which is a loose stitch. Naturally this means that more air can move and more heat can escape between threads, meaning its a very comfortable choice for warm weather. The downside of linen is of course that it does quite easily crease, although some lines in the fabric are considered a typical and characteristic element of this casual look for a more relaxed sartorial season. Creases will typically appear at elbow joints and sometimes at the knees, where the fabric is more frequently distorted by bending of joints. If however, the suit is well looked after and hung somewhere tidily when not worn, then creasing can be kept to a minimum.

Cotton is also a very popular choice for summer clothing. Again, a breathable fabric for hot weather, a light cotton with a more open weave such as a poplin is a good choice, offering durability as well as good temperature control to stay comfortable on hot summer days. We work with a variety of fabric suppliers, from Yorkshire to London to bring you the best quality and widest choice of fabrics whatever your tastes. We’ve thousands of different fabrics to choose from, and your tailor will be able to advise on what will be the most comfortable for wearing in the summer.