It may well be that thoughts about your wedding suit have tended to be overshadowed by how the bride is going to look on the big day. That’s all well and good, but then of course there’s the exotic honeymoon to arrange, the wedding favours to arrange, the venue to book, the menu to arrange and the photographer to choose.

Here are Norton and Townsend, we’d urge you to spare some time thinking about how you’re going to look on your big day. Your wedding photos are going to be on your windowsill for the rest of your life. Both sets of parents will be touting the pics in their round-robin emails, facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts. Future generations will find your wedding pics in dusty suitcases retrieved from lofts. If you’re part of the landed gentry, you’ll be pictured in the appropriate social pages of Country Life (!), and the rest of us might just make the local Gazette.

The point is, what you’re aiming for is that people will say ‘he’s a handsome chap!’….and that’s NOT going to happen if you’ve put up with a hired suit that was made for someone else, or an off the peg number which was made for Mr Average. We at Norton and Townsend would like to remind you that you’re not preparing to go to your high school prom. This is the biggest day of your life, and we’d urge you to get a suit that’s going to make you look fantastic on your wedding day.

The process of ordering a wedding suit from Norton & Townsend

Norton and Townsend’s tailors will come and visit you to measure you up for your bespoke suit. Our tailors are very good at what they do, so they’ll instantly see the micro-adjustments that will need to be measured for to make your suit fit you perfectly; and a perfect fitting suit will make you look a million dollars. After a dozen or more measurements are taken for your wedding suit, we’ll discuss your fabric choice from over five thousand fabrics and linings. Finally we’ll go over the styling options before whisking this information away and off to our pattern cutters and tailoring workrooms. In five or six weeks, your tailor will be back in touch to arrange a delivery fitting.

It’s at this fitting that you’ll get an idea of how good you’re going to look on your wedding day. If there are tweaks to be made, then we’ll make them swiftly until you’re 100% satisfied.

This whole process is geared towards you…

Looking dapper on your big day

Whether you’re standing at the end of the church aisle waiting for your bride to arrive, or in the spotlight at the venue of your choice, you’ll be on display to everyone attending. Lots of men there will be wearing a suit, but mostly of the saggy work type. You, however, will be resplendent in your bespoke tailored Norton and Townsend wedding suit. Everyone will see how great you look. All of the men will look at you and make a mental note to get a new suit that they look as good in. A proportion of the women will look at their saggy-suited partners and wonder where it all went wrong.

Most importantly, your wife-to-be will take a look at you, and in-between throwing the bouquet, posing for wedding pics, and cringing at the best man’s recollection, she’ll be thinking ‘I’ve made the right choice’. That’s probably all you want.

After going through the different style options available to you, call us on 0845 200 2510 to arrange for one of our tailors to come out and measure you for a suit that people are going to remember you in for years to come.