Having a high-quality, bespoke suit fitted needn’t take a great chunk of time out of your busy schedule. Our expert team of visiting tailors can make an appointment time to fit around your diary, and will come to visit you at home or in the office so you needn’t take any time out to travel to see a tailor. What’s more, once we have perfectly taken your measurements and requirements, all you’ll need to do is to give us a quick call and we will be able to create another bespoke suit to your desired cut without you needing to spend another second with a tape-measure.

All that, and at an impressively competitive price. Gone are they days when you need to rule out having that ideal bespoke suit that flatters you, because you think it will be outside of your budget. We’re proud to be able to offer excellent value for money, with low prices and exceptional quality of finish, meaning with the standard of manufacture and material of our suits, they’re incredibly long lasting and represent a sound investment. When a cheap suit only lasts you a few wears, it’s a bit of a false economy! Incredible looking tailored suits have never been more accessible than with Norton & Townsend.

The real advantage of having a bespoke is that it is just that- bespoke. Made to fit you perfectly. Every figure has different needs. From your measurements, to your gait and posture. Our expert tailors will know exactly how to cut a suit to compliment your figure. Whilst suits bought off the rack are made for an average figure, which doesn’t relate to or complement most of us, having an expertly tailored suit will avoid the problem of looking like a school child in an ill-fitting blazer. You’ll be surprised by the confidence a perfectly fitted suit will give you, whether you’re tall or short, little or large. What’s more, with our quick, easy and great value service there’s no longer anything stopping you.

Don’t spend hours puzzling in front a mirror in a department store about whether an off-the-rack alternative really fits you, about whether you ought to compromise on the length of the sleeve or the fit of the jacket. Let our tailors measure you up and offer you their expertise and advice. It’s all part of the service and it guarantees you’ll be looking and feeling your best without having to compromise.

So if you’ve never had the pleasure of a bespoke tailored suit before, why not join those who are already converts to the way we operate, and book an appointment for one of our travelling tailors to visit you at a time of your choosing? Your mirror will thank you!