Few social events offer as many sartorial challenges than the annual office Christmas party. Whether to come in casually, (jeans and comfy shirt,) or to stick with a suit but don that tie you keep for these occasions – the one with Homer Simpson in a Santa hat.

It all entirely depends on the mood of your office of course, but the go-getting gent shouldn’t really be going for comedy tie and sock combos. The office party may well be an opportunity to let your hair down but the urge to show the whole of the company what you’re ‘really’ like ought to be suppressed.

Your position in the company likely relies as much on your colleague’s and boss’s perception of you as it does on the results you bring to the business. So sticking with your made to measure suit and an open collar shirt might just be the best option for this years’ party; better to impress the partners than worry about what your office buddies think. So stick to sobriety (at least suit-wise) and you won’t go too far wrong…

And if you did happen to have one too few and you take a tumble that shreds your trousers, it’s probably worth noting that we’re offering an extra trouser for only £100 when you buy a two piece suit for £750 – they might just come in handy some day!

If it’s a slightly more relaxed look you’re hankering after, (think Sinatra in sports coat and slacks in Oceans Eleven), do remember that we also make made to measure bespoke sports jackets and blazers along with casual trousers.