The topic of conversation on everyone’s lips this week seems to be the release of Martin Scorsese’s latest creation, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, so we’re taking a look at the tailoring trends that define the Wall Street era.

When it came to fierce competition, it’s not surprising that the Wall Street men were as obsessed with their tailoring as they were with their trade statistics. In a business where making money is the key, the tailoring came with a price tag to match and the devil was all in the detail. They were obsessed with the tailor they used and knew the perception a well-made suit could create.

The film embodies the power crazy era of the late 80’s and 90’s and Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio wears the definition of a power suit.

The standard business style suit from the early 1990’s embodied navy pinstripes, wide shoulders, wide lapels, pleated trousers and a love of red or yellow ties. This can all be seen in Leonardo DiCaprio’s lordly pinstripe, two-piece suit, with loud wide peak lapels and a giant red silk tie that defined the tailoring period.

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However, the fashion on Wall Street today has changed, steering away from the men who showed their money off their backs. Along with the cooler financial climate, the power suit has long since become more reserved.

Wall Streetbankers are no longer seen as cultural icons, so there is no need for the same showy style of tailoring. The modern day equivalent tends to be slimmer fitting, in a solid navy or grey and less associations with pinstripes. Everything is slimmer. The lapels are narrower, the ties are narrower in a more subtle colour and the shoulders aren’t so broad.

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