My career began in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in the retail arm of Carl Stuart, Tailors and outfitters after reading a notice on the door looking for staff. I started the following day and have never looked back. My training took me over to the workrooms once a week where my passion quickly grew. I was soon there 6 days a week. The workrooms made suits for tailors throughout the UK. Along with learning my trade from one of the best, I could spot trends and learnt the subtlety of men’s style. Among the hundreds of suits that left on a weekly basis the majority headed to London and quite a few for well known names.

I first met Matthew Norton, one of the founders of Norton & Townsend 22 years ago when he was looking for suppliers and Austen Pickles, our current owner a few years later when he still worked in the cloth trade. I stayed with Carl Staurt for 14 years. London welcomed me in 1998 after finding the courage to set up my own company. It turns out that for all the skills I have, accounting isn’t one of them.

I joined Norton and Townsend in January 2003. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I love the brand. Its ethics are honest and straight forward. Our clients are the best. I love to see returning customers and developing their wardrobe to match their advancing careers: meeting their future brides and finding the perfect suit for a wedding. It feels like I’ve been making wedding suits forever. I love a good wedding.

I understand shape, (I’ve been most of them). There is nothing more important to me than delivering a suit that gives confidence to the wearer. I love cloth too. I have a great relationship with our cloth merchants and the constant advancement in fabric technology and finishes keeps my interest keen”.

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