Style Trends

Whilst the more fitted cut for suits hasn’t gone away just yet, we are starting to see this paired with suit looks which were more commonly worn on more loosely fitted suits. Because of the slimmer suit we’ve seen progressively over the last ten years or so, other jacket features and the overall look of the outfit have reflected this. For example, the jacket lapels and ties. We’re seeing the closer fit of trousers and jacket remain in many cases, but far wider lapels and ties are becoming increasingly popular, in a continuation of the trend we saw in 2016.

The peak lapel in particular, along side a wider notch lapel have been very popular, with this slightly more ostentatious look being a stark change from the more slender and understated features of suit jackets over the last decade. This style is completed in many instances by a double breasted jacket, with eye catching gold or silver buttons making a return to popularity.

This is a look that was popular in the 1980s, and comically associated with Alan Partridge as part of the character’s iconography, which somewhat undermined the style. But as they often say in fashion, things go in circles. The best quality tailoring work of course isn’t as fickle and with getting a suit that fits like a glove is important no matter the style. The modern reinterpretation of the double breasted and peaked lapel jacket is one which has broadly featured a more fitted look than their equivalents several decades ago, placing greater emphasis on the perfect fit.


There are some colours which never go away. Navy and darker grey hues are always popular and are dependable and versatile staples. As far as seasonal shifts are concerned, green has been very popular this year, emerald in particular, with everyone from Ronnie Wood to Robert Pattinson sporting suits in this particular hue so far this year. There are several variants on the colour, with subtle striping and texture options. Emerald’s advantage is that it can be paired with plenty of different colours for belts and shoes, with both black and different shades of brown complimenting the colour nicely.

Also increasingly in demand in 2017 so far has been burgundy. Whilst a straight up red suit is a bit too intense for many, this slightly subtler option is still a statement colour without being over the top or garish.


As the year goes on, naturally the preferred fabrics of many suit buyers change to reflect the difference in weather and temperature. Along side the gradual shift away from synthetic fabrics that the industry has seen over recent years, linen is a fabric of growing popularity for UK suit buyers. Whilst it is light and breathable, it’s also been known to crease more easily, as we covered in a blog last month.

2017 has also seen the continuation of big patterns on fabrics, including larger windowpane checks and striking pin stripes in both business and casual suits. There’s also been a shift in the types of fabrics used for creating ties, with more textured and knitted fabrics being used to off-set more understated suit jacket choices, and wider patterned fabrics for the bolder jacket looks, especially the double breasted peaked lapel options.