It’s not often that we are blessed with long hot summers here in the UK.

But when the sun does eventually graces us with its presence, we aren’t always as well prepared as we probably should be.

But it’s not too late to start preparing and now it couldn’t be easier.

With Norton & Townsend’s guide to staying cool this summer, all you need to remember is the3 C’s; Cloth, Construction and Colour.

A suit can be sophisticatedly tailored in unique ways to help keep you cool and prevent you from sizzling in the heat this summer.


Nowadays it is possible for anyone can look impeccable and stay cool, regardless of the temperature outside.

Cloth ranges are now so technologically advanced and the choice ranges so broad, that the weather can no longer be a hindrance.

Be careful when choosing your material because lightweight summer suits can sometimes crease over the course of a hot day.

You can get great lightweight fabrics that will still hang beautifully, despite being very breathable and low in weight.

Linen is going to be the lightest, most breathable suit fabric. It’s a great choice for summer.

Linen is extremely versatile and can be used to create a range of different looks including alternative looks for weddings or for casual wear.

The addition of a waistcoat may seem unnecessary in the heat, but this allows the jacket to be removed while remaining smart.


A great tactic for staying cool this summer is to opt for a half-lined jacket.

The internal architecture of the jacket is essential to how you will be feeling while wearing it.

The jacket can be specially designed in order to embody as little lining as possible whilst still maintaining its shape and fit.

This means that the garment is as light as a feather, but appears on the outside like a regular suit.


Colour is a huge factor to consider when choosing a summer suit.

A lighter cloth will always be cooler due to the sunlight being reflected away from the suit and consequently, the person wearing it.

Opt for light hues, such as pastels and paler shades.

You can still stick to colours of your preference by opting for colours you would normally wear in few shades lighter.