This is especially true of our Made in England suit option, which takes bespoke tailoring to another level. Not only will your suit be cut precisely to your measurements, but in the tradition of fine tailoring, once the garment has begun to be constructed, we’re still in a position to tailor it to your exact needs.

Suits which are produced in our English workrooms will arrive with us for your second appointment with a skeleton fitting and before sleeve basting, rather than the more developed stage of our standard suit range. This means that we’re still able to fine tune the suit with precise adjustments in consultation with our clients. Whilst you’ll be meticulously measured and make your choices of fabric and detailing in your initial appointment, a second fitting with the suit in this less advance stage gives your tailor an extra chance to marry the suit to your figure and requests.

We chalk up your suit on your person, taking into account further details of the way the fabric and cut behave on your frame. For those who love their suits, it’s also a fascinating opportunity to see their garments coming together at this skeleton stage.

The highly bespoke and responsive service of our Made in England suits are ideally suited to those who might have had trouble finding a suit fit that they’ve been completely satisfied with previously. Small details can make all the difference to how you look and feel and the step up in quality which is allowed by this extra fitting opportunity will have your suit looking perfect.

To take bespoke to the next level, discuss the possibility of a suit from one of our English shops with one of our team.