Alternating your suiting items can create a more casual look whilst maintaining your desired quality in tailoring.

Our spring offer will be perfect for you to experiment with the art of mismatching. You will have two suits made for you, along with two shirts all for just £1000. You can potentially create four different combinations, so long as you pick harmonising fabrics and colours.

Depending on your choice, you may need to select your shirts in pale, natural, block colours. Or subtle patterns if both suits are plain. The same applies to your neckwear.

Plain to pattern

A block coloured, plain suit jacket worn over bold printed trousers would be adventurous and is a popular spezzato look for 2015, for example a midnight blue jacket with houndstooth. Reversing these pieces may suit an evening occasion more, depending on how contrasting your pattern is.

Light to dark

A navy blazer teamed with beige or pale grey trousers is perfect for a day through to evening outfit. Great for the races or a work lunch.

Maybe the decision will be made easier when you consider your body shape and which half you would like to slim down or which you would prefer to emphasise.

Learn how to mix and match your fabrics and colours for an Italian tailoring style this Spring / Summer.

If you consider spezzato to be the style for you, but would like more advise and inspiration, feel free to call one of our experienced traveling tailors on 0845 200 2510 or book an appointment online if our spring offer is too good for you to miss.