You’ll have to get used to early mornings, (if that’s not already your thing,) which in turn will mean partying on a Wednesday night is probably out of the window, especially if there’s a longer commute than you’re used to going to university.

It might be the case that you’re lucky enough to have bagged your dream management consultant or finance job, but there’s a good chance that you don’t really know what the corporate world is really like. It’s best to keep an open mind and remember that your preconceived ideas might not fit with what you’ve figured your day-to-day job will be like. So change number two is going to be a little more challenging for some, and you’re going to need to feel as confident as possible as you walk into the office on your first day.

No matter what your thoughts are one embarking on your new career, there’s one thing less to worry about when you know for sure you’re not making the ‘new boy’ mistake with what you’re wearing.¬† You want to ensure that you look like you know exactly what you’re doing, and where you’re heading… and a perfectly tailored made-to-measure suit from one of our expert tailors is going to plant you firmly on that path.

New boy sartorial mistakes?

There’s a good chance that the unguided university leaver will charge into the office smartly attired in his new suit only to figure out that it’s a different style to everyone else’s in the office; too bright, or too baggy, too green or too long in the cuff… the list goes on and on. The wearer of the suit might not notice, but lots of other people in the office will, and it’s not a great start.

To firmly place your foot on the corporate ladder of success and riches from the very start, wouldn’t it be better to get some expert advice and a perfectly fitting suit?

Whether your new job calls for a sombre look, or something with a little more panache, Norton and Townsend can help guide you in choice of fabric and cut to make sure that not only do you look great in a new starter suit, but that you fit in perfectly in your new office surrounds, with just that little bit of extra flair that sets you apart from the start.

To be able to offer a beautifully cut and fitted suit at great prices, we’re using limited fabric, trims and styling options, but still with different elements to give your suit flair if you choose, like an internal name emblem embroidered inside the jacket, contrast stitching on the buttonholes, or a mobile phone pocket that’s designed not to drag the jacket down on one side. There’s lots we can do to make sure that your suit is individual to you alone, not to mention a perfect fit!

To make an appointment just visit our contact us page and let one of our traveling tailors come to you.