In these uncertain times, shopping – whether for clothes, candles or coriander – is seemingly done online. With COVID19 and its related lockdown creating an unwanted hurdle for the sartorially minded amongst us, we’ve been forced to find new ways to shop – ways which aren’t always practical.

Buying off the peg or ready to wear garments online is one thing, when the fit isn’t right or the fabric quality just isn’t up to par – you can send it back and start searching for the next thing.

But for those of us looking to invest in bespoke tailoring – garments that are lovingly crafted for a perfect fit and longevity – shopping online probably isn’t the first route that comes to mind.

Furthermore, whilst some of us are still comfortable using the high-street (abiding by restrictions of course), there are plenty of us who don’t want to or aren’t able to make it to a bricks and mortar store currently.

It is undoubtedly a dilemma. A dilemma that we’ve worked hard at in order to resolve. We want our customers to see that the benefits of going bespoke are plentiful, and within reach.

We’re proud of the service that we provide, and that pride is no better illustrated than by our dedicated staff. So to put our current working practices into words, we asked one of our master tailors, Graham Hall, to sum up the benefits of ‘going bespoke’ in 2020.

tailoring scissors on top of sewing patterns

As a visiting tailor, I often get asked what size the average man is

When I meet him, I’ll let you know.

The beauty of the service we provide is that it is personal. No two clients are the same. They have different expectations, requirements and measurements.

Now, more than ever, we can take the pressure off looking good in all situations and offer a stress-free solution to shopping on the High Street or online.

In these uncertain times, we all need to feel good about ourselves, but there are plenty of obstacles that can seem to be barring the way.

Have you ordered online only to find the cloth quality doesn’t live up to the hype? We can send you samples in advance of a one to one meeting in a safe environment. We only take pre booked appointments either at your home, office or our two shops in London and Ilkley.

Heading for the shops? Have you got your mask? Can you find a parking space? Are people social distancing? No? Let us come to you.

You will have a one to one dedicated appointment with one of our experienced team who knows their cloth, cuts and style. We have a huge number of fabrics from top cloth merchants who we have worked closely with for years. We will be in touch in advance to understand your requirements and discuss your tailoring needs in full.

We can measure existing garments that are old favourites as well as ones that just didn’t cut it and help you understand why.

We have masks, visors and gloves to protect you. Or if you prefer, we can ask a member of your family to measure you under our guidance.

This garment will be made to fit you and no one else

The cloth will be in the colour, quality and weight of your choosing – It’s a one off, just like you.

Whether it’s a beautifully fitted shirt with coloured buttons and your initials on the cuff, a pair of plus twos for shooting, a business suit or a tweed overcoat, you won’t be disappointed.

Invest in yourself. You deserve it.