I feel like it deserves a launch party, a fanfare, an arena-full of applause. Hip hip… But seemingly even the greatest websites just shuffle modestly into their place. There’s a sign off, a couple of clicks and the face of your business is changed permanently. Feels like a massive deal to me but I suppose that’s exactly why some people clap on aeroplanes.

And there is no farewell party for the old site either which seems particularly ungrateful. No leaving drinks, no gold watch, no tears or speeches. In fact, let me take this opportunity to say thanks mate for years of reliable performance, decent google rankings and being a great first point of contact. That is if it isn’t too late and you’re not already in someone’s ‘deleted items’.

Special mention has to go to Daniel Kennedy. If you find his own shiny website you will see he is a talented celebrity and fashion photographer with a great pedigree. He can be pretty selective about who he works with. Luckily, he is also a good friend, snowboarding buddy and all round gentleman. Cheers Dan, I know it was like working with scrooge but these photos are the absolute dogs.