How you and your groomsmen look on your big day should be no less important than how the bride and bridesmaids look. After all you’ll all be in just as many photos that will be in the family album forever. If you’re reading this then you’re at least looking into having hand-crafted suits, tailored for your troupe. Congratulations, you now have complete sartorial control of your combined look!

The Basics

You may want five identical three-piece suits, clean and cut to perfection; a timeless look. But what about colour? Do all of your groomsmen have shoes to match that colour suit? Is there a colour palette set for the day that should influence linings, buttonholes or pocket squares? There’s a lot at stake and lots to consider, we’ve outlined the what we think are the important parts below.

To match or not to match

There was a time when the groomsmen would simply follow the sartorial theme set by the groom, matching tails, matching contrast waistcoats, maybe matching cravats and pocket squares. There is now far more freedom to both mix things up or choose to match, but in a more original, timeless manner. Consider having each suit cut from the same cloth, but differing cuts to suit the difference in build across your groomsmen.

You could consider a mix between two and three pieces, in complimentary yet contrasting colours between those pieces. Remember that hand-crafted tailoring affords you the freedom to match perfectly or mix seamlessly, you have the freedom to choose all manner of variations.


You want your groomsmen to feel comfortable and at ease in whatever ‘look’ you’ve decided to go for. Assuming you aren’t footing the entire bill and your groomsmen are investing in a bespoke suit, then perhaps consider setting some ground rules and then giving them some space to make the suit their own.

A colour palette and fabric could be a good place to start, worsted blues and navy perhaps, autumnal tweeds or sandy linens for a summer wedding. Consider any themes of the day, colours that the bridal party plan on using for example, and work these into your non-negotiable’s, then give your tribe free reign to bring their personality to their suit.


Budgets vary from wedding to wedding, and whilst you will be able to pick up four or five ill-fitting suits off the rack for less than a bespoke suit, or even hire a previously worn number, but would you really want to? Plan in advance, talk to your groomsmen and explain that you want them to look as sharp as you’re going to and share in the day.

With this in mind that Norton and Townsend are offering a fifth suit free for the groom when four groomsmen each buy a bespoke suit. Come into one of our tailoring shops where you and your groomsmen can choose your fabrics, cut and detailing extras like contrast linings or hidden embroidery. Why not contact our friendly team to book an appointment or ask for a group appointment with one of our visiting tailors and see the quality of a Norton and Townsend suit for yourself.