Today is the day to celebrate wearing real tailored garments and their makers. A day of appreciation for made to measure tuxedos and bespoke business suits.

Our experienced craftsmen and women work very hard to make sure every part of your bespoke suit fits perfectly. Today is the day to say thank you!

We all know that off-the-rack clothes are the norm but we firmly believe bespoke is best.

We know that one troublesome difference between bespoke and ready to wear is the lead time. If your event is a week away it’s going to have to be a pre-made suit.

But this will be at the expense of quality, choice, style and fit.

And bespoke prices are often comparable with designer labels that rely on fancy advertising campaigns, not value, to justify their price tags. Don’t be fooled.

N&T bespoke gives you a choice of thousands of fabrics, style features and a perfect fit, all arranged by appointment at your home or office. There is just no comparison.

So think ahead, give your Norton & Townsend tailor 6 or 7 weeks and we will ensure you look and feel amazing. It is always worth the wait.

Here’s to bespoke tailoring! Happy Tailor’s Day!

Please call us for free advice, to wish us Happy Tailor’s Day or to make an appointment on 0845 200 2510. Or you can book via our online booking form.