The first thing to think about is the fabric. The most obvious choice for many may be linen or a linen wool mix, However these can crease quite badly when worn for long periods especially in warm temperatures and you may not look your best at the end of the day.

More practical options would be a Panama weave wool material in a high twist fabric. The weave not only allows the air to flow more freely and keep you cool but the yarn is twisted before it is woven so that creases spring out much more readily. Another great option is a wool Mohair mix as the mohair fabric has intrinsic homeostatic properties and inherent crease resistance.

Whichever fabric you decide to go with it may be worth considering a half lined jacket in order to reduce the weight further and increase the breathability of the garment.

For colour, you may choose a lighter shade to follow the scheme of the wedding or simply just for less heat absorption. However if you would prefer to go dark, then the Mohair is the perfect breathable fabric that takes well to darker dyes.

Although having a 3 piece suit for a Summer wedding may seem counterintuitive the waistcoat actually comes into its own in this scenario. It allows you to shed the jacket during the day after the ceremony but still maintain an overall level of formality. When temperatures cool in the evening you can then bring the jacket back out or leave it off if you want to show everyone how it is done on the danceloor.

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