There’s a reason why morning dress is perhaps the most fundamental expression of English sartorial style

Elegantly graceful, the curve and hang of the tailcoat is far more pleasing on the eye than the squared-off cut of a normal lounge suit.

There are several options for morning suits, including a black coat with striped trousers, or a matching, all-grey morning suit (the kind Prince Charles is often seen in).

When it comes to shirts choose a white or light colour with a white turned-down collar, double cuffs and cufflinks. Avoid stripes, checks or bold colours.

For those of you who are not familiar with morning dress, it consists of three elements: The coat, the waistcoat and the trousers.

The morning coat

The morning coat is recognised for its body-coat cut which allows it to be tailored closely around the wearer’s waist. When the coat is not buttoned up, the silhouette is maintained by the stiff interlining of the coat which should fit narrowly around the chest and waist without causing wrinkles.

The shoulder seam of the morning coat should be in line with your natural shoulder. It should be cut exactly the same as an evening tailcoat and is thought to look best when it ends in the break of the knee.

The morning waistcoat

Morning waistcoats come in single or double-breasted forms with grey being the most traditional colour although pale blue and buff are also acceptable.

All waistcoats should be buttoned completely except for the bottom button.

The morning Trousers

Morning trousers are either plain black or grey with stripes worn with side adjusters or braces but never a belt.

You have the option of having plain fronts or pleats and as with all formalwear, they should not have turn-ups.


Ties are preferred to cravats. Woven silk is best in plain or a subtle jacquard.

Shoes should be highly polished black lace-ups or smart slip-ons.

Finally, there’s the top hat. There is no rule on whether you go for black or grey, but try to resist too jaunty an angle. Hats should be mainly carried and dispensed with indoors.

So if you are looking for that classically graceful style for your wedding, look no further than a morning suit.

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