Wimbledon is an event that has long been immersed in formal, English, summer style.

It has been described as ‘one of the last bastions of sartorial punctiliousness’, but this may all soon be about to change.

While players on court are required to comply with a strict all white dress code, officials have failed in their attempts to uphold standards off the court.

England Club officials have been quick to clamp down on players, but Wimbledon’s traditional smart dress code has been relaxed for 2014 and it seems very different rules apply to spectators watching the action this year.

In previous years, Wimbledon has issued strict guidance on clothing. Tickets stipulated the need to be dressed in a smart casual fashion. Jeans, sports shorts, collarless shirts and trainers were strictly prohibited.

But new regulations mean that ticket holders no longer have to adhere to the original dress code and are free to wear whatever they want with only torn jeans, running vests, dirty trainers and sports shorts deemed as unacceptable.

The relaxed dress code has caused a lot of controversy as of late with stalwarts of the championships criticising the change for “detracting from the aura” of Wimbledon.

Whatever happened to supporting British tradition? Dress code etiquette will always remain an integral part of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

Even though the dress code regulations may have changed, looking your best will never go out fashion.

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