Every wedding is different.

That’s why all weddings call for different versions of formalwear.

Norton & Townsend have put together some general guidelines, so that you can dress appropriately and perfectly match the look and feel of your wedding.



· Semiformal, Daytime 

If you are going for this look, both you and your groomsmen should skip the tuxes and opt for a suit.

A White shirt is always the safest bet but as long as the colour complements the outer suit material and is not heavily patterned it is sure to work well.

This can be worn either with or without a tie.

Your choice of suit colour largely depends on what season you decide to get married in but can also be influenced by colour themes running through the wedding or the Bride and Bridesmaid’s dresses.

Navy or charcoals are great all-year-round options.

Lighter shades of Blues and Greys are most appropriate for warmer summer months and we have some fantastic high twist lightweight cloths or mohairs which have anti creasing properties.

When the suit is being worn for a long period of time and you want to look at your best for photography throughout the day then this is an important consideration.

Autumn/Winter weddings lend themselves to tweeds and flannel materials.

Browns and other Autumnal shades can really add to the feel of the occasion.




· Semiformal, Evening

No matter the season, a dark tuxedo with a bow tie is perfect for a semi formal event.

If you are looking for something a little more unusual then why not go for a Midnight or Navy Blue tuxedo which with Black satin lapels can look quite striking.

Your other option is a darker grey or black suit, which also suits this look to a T.

Whichever you decide, finish off your look with a white shirt with a semi cutaway collar. For summer weddings, white dinner jackets are also an option to consider.



· Formal, Daytime

This style brings with it lots of options.

Choose from tailcoats, tuxedos or grey strollers. Go for a white spread-collar shirt, a vest to match your coat and a necktie or an ascot.

You can even add a splash of colour and adapt your style with a pocket square if you’re feeling particularly dapper.



· Formal, Evening 

With this option, it’s all about the black-tie.

If you want formal, it has to be a classic black or midnight blue tuxedo with a white wing or spread-collar shirt, black bow tie, and matching vest or cummerbund.

The most popular option, especially for a groom who knows his stuff, is a formal four-in-hand tie. A white dinner jacket with formal trousers can be perfect for a wedding that falls in the summer.



· Ultraformal, Evening 

This is where the white tie / full evening dress comes into play… the sort of thing Fred Astaire is known for wearing.

We’re talking black tailcoat, black trousers, white pique wing-collared shirt, black vest or cummerbund, and white bow tie.

While it is increasingly rare for weddings, this type of getup is sometimes just what is required.



Whichever level of formality you opt for, your wedding day attire has to be perfect and finished to the highest quality.

That’s why Norton & Townsend bespoke tailors are committed to making sure you get exactly what you want, bringing you the best of British tailoring heritage since 1990.