Warm Winter Suit Fabric

At Norton & Townsend we work a great deal with wool. The good news is that this makes for very warm fabrics, as it is superb at trapping heat in layers between its strands. This insulation means that wool is a go to for winter suits, but even then there are different ways to wool is used. Worsted wool or tweed are heavier and warmer fabrics which are ideal for your winter suit. Herringbone is another particularly heavy, warm and durable option for the suit jacket or waistcoat.
If you have them its time to get them out- if not, then this is something to consider next time you have a suit cut. The weight of the fabric is of course a good indicator of how warm it will keep you. Consult you tailor on different weights of fabric to make sure you make the right choice, but for a heavier winter suit consider somewhere between 350 to 570 grams per square metre.

Using Layers

The principle of layering is to create trapped pockets of air between layers. This of course is one of the secrets to keeping warm and in fact is how reindeer keep warm in sub zero conditions-their hairs are hollow with trapped air inside for insulation. If it’s good enough for the arctic then it ought to work! Bring out the waistcoats if you have them, or pair your suit with a smart V neck, so your tie is still on display at the collar. For more casual situations, the roll neck and suit jacket combination is increasingly common and makes for a warm, smart and comfortable pairing for the autumn and winter months.
An under shirt or vest isn’t a bad option for very cold days. But whilst adding in layers bear in mind the cut of your jacket, with a bespoke suit that’s cut to fit you like a glove, stuffing too many layers underneath can be a squeeze and give the jacket a stretched look. For a finishing touch, a scarf not only provides a practical addition to your outfit, but there’s also an opportunity to play around with different ways to tie them as well as different styles and colour combinations with your suit.

The Winter Coat

The coat is a real opportunity to add some style in the winter. Overcoats come with a variety of options and lengths. Consider your body shape and height before choosing, as well as making sure you try on with a suit underneath to make sure you’re not buying one that’s too close a fit.
When choosing colours for either the suit or coat, deeper richer colours are traditionally worn more in the winter months. Rarer suit colours such as maroon, plum and bottle green are all great choices for this time of year and are a welcome break from the more typical suit colour options if you’re feeling bold.
As well as picking out complimentary colours, another neat way to bring your suit and coat together is to match lapel style. With wider more exaggerated lapels a more common feature of larger over coats and more slender understated notch or shawl lapels featuring more on closer fitting three quarter length coats, you’ve got plenty of options. Matching the look and style of your coat and suit jacket is a nice finishing touch to an outfit that’s sharp and ready for whatever the winter brings.