However, it is important to not to stand out for the wrong reasons. Dressing well means dressing appropriately be it a festive Christmas party, a formal Black Tie dinner or a White Tie affair. Here are some tips to help with dress codes:

Christmas parties are normally ‘smart casual’ events. Parties are fun so put your business suit back in the wardrobe and be a bit more inventive. A soft navy twill or tweed blazer with dark denim jeans or flannel trousers can look great. Add a smart shirt (no tie) and a formal shoe to ensure you don’t look too laid back. Or maybe try teaming a velvet blazer with a roll neck sweater, tailored trousers and leather oxford shoes. Or a tweed waistcoat and a soft bow tie?

Black tie means formal dinner suit. Wear a black (or midnight blue) suit with silk satin or grosgrain lapels and corresponding braid down the leg of the trousers. Your white shirt must be whiter than white in a Marcella or pleated style with covered placket (no buttons showing). A black bow tie is correct but at Christmas very few people will frown on you for adding a silk bow in another colour or in velvet. Avoid bright colours or sequin bows though. Wear black shoes and don’t forget your cufflinks, shirt studs if you need them and possibly a white pocket square.

White tie is more formal and must involve a black tailcoat and trousers, white shirt, white waistcoat, white bow tie and black shoes.

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