The Jacket

Single and double breasted jackets are available in a choice of fastenings, the most popular being two front buttons on the single breasted, which is classic English tailoring and not subject to going in or out of fashion. We are also experienced in tailoring shooting jackets and gilets, morning jackets, tailcoats and overcoats.


All lapels are available in different widths. Notched lapels are very popular and come either with a classic notch position or a more contemporary high gorge.. Peaks are traditionally worn in double breasted jackets along with some evening jackets, but can also be used on a single breasted garments if you are looking for a point of difference.  Again peak lapels can be classic or more contemporary with narrower points that do not extend as far beyond the edge of the lapel.


A surgeon’s cuff(working cuff) is the classic most functional cuff on our bespoke jackets. We can customise the cuff with contrast thread, flashes of lining and slanted button holes.

Jacket Pockets

We have a wide variety of jacket pocket variations with the option to vary the angle of the slant, the width of the flap and even the colour of the pocket bag.


A vent not only allows you to feel more comfortable when moving, but it helps the fabric to drape natural to avoid creases.  A side vent is the most traditional position, however a centre vent is well suited to a slim fit jacket. When you decide on where, the vent opening can also be customised to show a flash of lining. Alternatively you may not choose to have a vent altogether.

Trouser Pockets

Frogmouth, jetted, straight and slanted are just a few of the pocket options we offer. Our usual configuration would include slanted pockets but as always with bespoke, you decide.


Pleats are the perfect addition for those looking for a little more room for comfort. Reverse pleats are discreet where forward facing pleats open further to give more room.

The Waistcoat

A classic piece to be worn with a jacket or alone where you can add a lapel or a double breasted fastening as well.


Our full collection includes plains, stripes, checks, semi plains and textures plus countless tweeds, cottons and linens. All available in various colours, qualities and compositions. We have a tiny selection of best sellers on the site designed to give an indication of options. If your choice is not here, please call us and find out more about the range.

If you would like to see all of the components and their options in person, book an appointment with one of our experienced traveling tailors at a place of your choice or by visiting us and we’ll be able to help you visualise your next bespoke suit.