Gain height with good tailoring

There comes a time in a man’s life when he faces up to his shortcomings, accepts his height and grows up (even when he’s not quite grown up as tall as some other men).

As tailors, we know that whilst chest size and (definitely) waist size will fluctuate over time, a man’s height, shoulder width and limb length won’t. At Norton and Townsend, we’ve had lots of clients over many years, and we know that these are the measurements we can rely on when other things change.

The important thing to note for men who want to have their height accentuated and their width mitigated by a bespoke suit, is that here at Norton and Townsend we can do a lot to make you appear slimmer and taller.

For a shorter man to create the impression of height, it’s important to avoid any impression of excess cloth. Excess cloth has a widening effect adding to the bulk of the suit, so a closer fit is recommended. It doesn’t look good for a shorter man to have a jacket that looks like it engulfs him; this brings back memories of the school yard, arriving in a school blazer two sizes too large because you’ll ‘grow into it’.

By the time you’re able to buy a bespoke suit, your vertical growing days are done although the chances are you’ll expand width-wise a little.

A close fitting suit would naturally mean that you have not too much padding on the shoulders, and very little drape on the chest. One or two button suits with a lower buttoning point will give an impression of height.

If there are any more buttons than two, then the lapels will be very much shorter, and the sweep of the lapels should be kept as long as possible to give the impression of length. Happily, on a buttoned up jacket, the long ‘v’ created by the lapels on the chest also serve to give an athletic look, whether you’re Olympic material or not.

The ‘skirt’ of the bespoke jacket is the part below the waist, and it should be kept fairly short in order to accentuate the length of the legs. There are limits though, and the ‘bum freezer’ style of jacket (very short) should probably be avoided if you’re trying to attain a little more height through your suit.

Lastly, high side vents can give a good impression of height as well. Particularly helpful if you’re standing around with your hands in your pockets, as they’ll stop you interrupting the suit’s graceful silhouette and look.

Remember that a well cut suit might help you give the impression of greater height, but it will certainly give you greater confidence. There’s nothing quite like knowing that you’re looking the very best you possibly can in a flattering bespoke suit.