This is the day when there will be more photos of him than any other day in his life. More gazing eyes, more money spent, more effort, more people.

The bride will be spending a lot of time and money on her dress. She will take friends and family for a second opinion and attend countless fittings for the perfect tailored fit.

The groom absolutely cannot leave things to chance. It has to look and fit perfectly. The only way to be sure is bespoke.

Morning Dress, a long tail coat in black or navy, waistcoat, white shirt with a cravat or tie. This is the classic dress code for a formal wedding and done properly will be the perfect traditional outfit.

But please do not hire an ill fitting suit from the first hire shop you come across. Hire suits are inevitably going to be designed to fit as many people as possible. They are cut on a ‘multi-fit’ block – so jackets are generous in the waist, armhole, arm, seat and trousers will have plenty of room in the seat, leg and hem.

A Lounge Suit with or without a waistcoat is less formal but no less smart. More than 75% of the wedding suits created by Norton & Townsend fall into this category. Our tailors can help select a fabric that is suitable and doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a work suit. With hundreds of linings available we can be sure to find one that matches the wedding theme, bridesmaids dresses etc. We can also embroider special details on your undercollar or inside lining – the wedding date, initials, anything to add to the sense of occasion. N&T also tailor bespoke shirts to guarantee the perfect finish. Ties and cravats can be made in the lining material to complement your outfit and you can also order neckwear for your groomsmen to ensure they follow the same theme. Anything is possible.

Dinnerwear is a younger, modern approach and an outfit that transitions perfectly from day to night. It can be slimming, sexy and incredibly smart but it has to be a properly tailored or will look as sloppy and ill thought out as a hired tux. It may be an American approach but Black Tie dress code will ensure the whole male congregation look great and you shouldn’t get confused people in mismatching jackets and trousers, shirts without ties, chinos.