Choosing the style is the fun part, although depending on the occasion you may be subjected to one in particular which may even make life easier.

The collar comes in various styles, some of which being – The Cutaway, The Semi-cutaway, The Button Down and of course for black tie, The Wingtip.

The Cutaway is the widest spread collar, where the points almost create a straight line beneath your neck, perfect for a Windsor Knot tie. This style suits business attire very well.

The Semi-cutaway Collar is the classic choice for most occasions, another style guaranteed safe for work and should be worn with a thicker tie.

The Button Down Collar was originally invented for workwear to prevent the ends curling up. These are great for a more casual look with the top button open worn with chinos. Although having the button done up is currently on trend with the younger generations.

The Round Collar is a less common shape, this also suggests a casual look. It’s a great style to team with a slim knitted tie and tie clip, great for a informal vintage style three piece.

And finally the Wingtip where the collar only folds over at the very ends. This is so the bow tie can fit around the collar, with the bow sitting in front of the tips.




You can pick your collar using occasion and the suit as deciders but don’t forget about face shape. Certain collars will make a round face look wider and a square face more angular. If you would like more advise on which collar is the most suitable for you then contact an experienced tailor on 0845 200 2510 or

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