The key differentiator between seasons is the weight of the fabric. Clients looking for an Autumn/Winter weight suit should consider 12oz (360g/m) fabric and heavier. Winters are no warmer but it is getting harder for us to source this kind of cloth. Demand has dwindled because most people work in air conditioned and centrally heated buildings so the mills concentrate on medium weights.

However, for those wanting something more substantial we even have fabrics going up to 21oz (around 600g). Not only will they keep you warm on a winters day, they will tailor beautifully and wear incredibly well.

A particularly useful winter suit option is the flannel. After the fabric is woven, it goes to the finisher to be scoured and finished ready for tailoring. By adding a milling process to the finishing routine, the surface of the fabric is raised so it has a warmer handle, perfect for colder months. Stripes and checks are less defined and softer. Slanted jacket pockets, a narrower trouser leg and adding a waistcoat can all help to give a contemporary look to this relaxed fabric.

The winter wardrobe is not all just about the weight of cloth. It is nice to pull out more autumnal shades and we have introduced some fantastic ranges of worsted tweeds, which offer all the earthy browns and heathery shades associated with traditional woollen tweed cloth but without the harsh scratchy feel.

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