A waistcoat is a great way of differentiating between the groom’s outfit those of the groomsmen, at Norton and Townsend we know there can be several ways of dressing them to co-ordinate with the groom whilst adding a difference. The classic choice being that everybody has the same suit and waistcoat but the groom would match his waistcoat with a white or ivory style similar to the bride where as the other groomsmen would wear a colour that matches the colour scheme, usually the bridesmaids’ colours.

Did you know it is good luck to leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone on the day of your wedding?

Like all formal wear, a wedding waistcoat should be well-fitted that is why we recommend buying bespoke. Your waistcoat should be long enough in the front to cover the entire waist, covering the shirt completely between the belt and the waistcoat. The shoulders of your waistcoat should also be fitted well by lying flat against your body.

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