3-Piece Perfection


Inspired by trend and tradition, the timeless 3-piece is making a come back this season.

Fresh off the catwalk and back in fashion for AW14, the 3-piece suit is style and sophistication at its best.

3-pieces will be making much more of an appearance over the coming year, with the most effective, versatile and popular colour options being navy and grey.

Nothing says traditional sartorial elegance like a 3-piece suit.

As well as looking good, they also have their practical advantages.

A great way to layer up in winter, 3-pieces retain a neat and tailored look even with your jacket off.

Of course, there are ways to correctly wear a 3-piece and rules to adhere to in order to get it right.

But once you have, it’s easy as one two three.


1. A 3-piece suit more often than not, speaks for itself. Opt for a relatively subdued shirt-and-tie combination to provide balance and to prevent looking your look going over the top.


2. Get the fit right. This is probably the most important aspect of a 3-piece.┬áThe vest should hit at your belt buckle, but not dip past it. It should wrap snuggly around your torso. The jacket should be just as fitted; you don’t want a saggy baggy look.


3. Finally, the pants should fit like any other suit pants – comfortably on the hip, straight down the leg. For something a little different, why not choose a 3-piece with a different colour waistcoat? This will not only add depth and a point of interest to your suit, it will also help separate your look from the crowd.

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Best worn in winter months and in more formal workplaces, complete your look with a plain or plaid shirt and a block colour tie.

Norton & Townsend 3-piece suits offer top to toe tailoring perfection.

Whether for leisure, a special event or for work, you are sure to be elegantly attired in a Norton & Townsend tailored suit.

Norton & Townsend have regional offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

This means our experienced bespoke tailors are able to cover the whole of the UK, visiting you in the comfort of your own home or office.

Alternatively visit us by appointment at one of our two small stores:

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