Invest In Pieces That Will Always Be In Style

Trends come and go.

Some of them are around longer than others and can be worth paying attention to.

However on the whole, it’s a lot more sensible and stylish to invest in key items that will transcend seasonal fashions.

An impeccably tailored wool blazer, made-to-measure suit and a beautifully cut white shirt will always look sharp, so they are well worth investing in.


Understand The Importance Of A Silhouette

It’s always a good idea to make investment purchases. This involves spending money on beautiful quality fabrics, but if your clothes are cut badly, then you may as well be throwing your money away.

Your jacket should be nipped in at the waist; your trousers gently tapered at the hem and your collar a finger width away from the nape of your neck.


Make Do And Mend

You have your pair of perfectly fitting trousers, but what do you do once these need replacing?

As much as you’d like them to, your clothes will not last forever.

This in an inevitable occurrence.

The last thing you want is to be traipsing around the shops trying to find a replacement that doesn’t even come close.

Obviously try and keep your clothes in as good condition as you can, but at the first sight of weakness or damage make sure you take them to get repaired.

Not only is it good environmentally, but worn in clothes always look better. Wearing shiny new clothes at every opportunity has the propensity to make you look a bit like a footballer, which nobody wants.

That Subtle Details Trump Flamboyant Affectations

The devil is in the detail.

When it comes to men’s dressing, less is always more.

The tiny details make all the difference and its amazing how much these small details can transform an outfit.

Wearing a bow tie, waistcoat, pocket square AND tie bar will not make you look more stylish – it will do the exact opposite.

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