So you’re tying the knot, getting hitched, taking the plunge; You’re getting married. Your bride-to-be has every aspect of the big day planned to the N’th degree which obviously includes ‘the dress’. Why then, should your suit be any less important? You want to be able to look back at the photo album with pride, not horror, in a suit that fits you perfectly, makes you stand out from the crowd, look the part and feel ten feet tall. This is a lot to expect from and off the peg suit.

This is where Norton and Townsend step in. A bespoke suit eliminates a whole host of issues you might find through conventional tailoring routes. This article is intended as a guide to help you through the different aspects you might want to consider before embarking on commissioning your bespoke wedding suits.

Be well prepared and come with something in mind

Here at Norton and Townsend, our Tailors are more than willing to offer you all of their considerable experience and knowledge, but we could do with a starting point or a vague idea of what you’re looking for from your bespoke suit. So think about overall style, maybe a style icon (insert James Bond or Steve McQueen picture here), scroll through Instagram or check on some Wedding blogs – however you do it, have an idea of cut, colour and style before you book an appointment. With that in mind, always leave plenty of time for your suit to be made. Lead times on our bespoke wedding suits vary, enquire for more details, but there is no harm in being prepared!

Are you planning on wearing it more than once?

You may already know that you want your bespoke suit to be multifunctional, something you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come or you may want this suit to be solely a celebration of your wedding day, something elaborate and reflection of your personality! We’ll work hard to ensure that the results are equally fantastic.

If you are planning on having a suit that you can wear again and again, you’ll want to consider the flexibility in the design for movement. Whereas if you plan on commissioning a suit purely for your wedding day, movement doesn’t matter quite as much as you’ll spend a lot of the day standing. The colours might need to be more or less conservative depending on the suits function. The weight of the fabric, the lapel style, even the pocket angles are all aspects that differ, dependent on a suits general wearability.

Think about fabrics

When considering what type of fabric to choose for you wedding suit, take into account that even if you do plan on wearing it again, it probably won’t be donned every day for the office. It will probably be a suit to wear to special occasions, somewhere you’ll want to look particularly put-together. This gives you a little more freedom with fabric choice for your bespoke wedding suit. Try something a little heavier and slightly thicker than usual, heavier fabric holds its overall shape fantastically which adds a sharpness to the suits silhouette.

What time of year is the big day?

The seasons may be less predictable than they used to be, but what we do know is how fabric choice should be chosen in unison with the temperature outside. You wouldn’t wear a weighty tweed in summer and you wouldn’t wear floaty linen in winter, so talk to your tailor about suitable fabrics for the time of year or indeed climate in which you’re tying the knot.

If its a summer wedding, dare to be bold and go with a lighter coloured suit. Camels, greys and lighter blues will stand out from office-navy or dinner party-black. You may also want to consider keeping your bespoke wedding suit to a clean and simple two piece, as the extra layer of a waistcoat in the heat could prove too much! Leave a three piece for colder climes, along with the vast array of wool, barathea and mohair that look no less stylish, but will definitely be too warm.

Make an appointment today for your bespoke wedding suit fitting

If you would like further information about the process of commissioning a bespoke suit, then please feel free to read any of our other articles or contact us through our contacts page. You can either arrange an appointment to meet in one of our tailoring offices or arrange an appointment at home or work from one of our visiting tailors.