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Norton & Townsend tailors are 100% committed to making sure you get exactly what you want for your big day – Your Perfect Suit.

At Norton & Townsend we know how important it is that you look and feel your very best on your wedding day.  Our tailors are vastly experienced within the wedding market and can offer you a wealth of advice and guidance to make sure the process is as seamless as possible.  We will visit you in the comfort of your home or office discussing all your requirements in detail and take dozens of measurements and body figuration observations to ensure a perfect fit. We have a collection of over five thousand fabrics and linings, hundreds of styling options and tailoring workrooms in England and overseas. Hopefully every angle is covered but if we haven’t got what you are looking for, we will move heaven and earth to make it for you.

Click on our WISH LIST feature that illustrates a small selection of our more popular options, so together we can start to build Your Perfect Suit.

Your Perfect Suit

It couldn't be easier

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for busy people to enjoy quality hand-finished bespoke tailoring at a great price. Experienced Norton & Townsend tailors will measure you and deliver beautifully made business, country and wedding attire anywhere in the UK.

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I think the biggest difference between us and other tailoring companies is our people. People who measure clients, cut patterns, sew, press, deliver, alter, wear and enthuse about our beautifully tailored clothes. And the people who answer the phone, designed and update the website, write on Facebook, drive the van… Every single one makes a difference. I’m very proud of the Norton & Townsend team.
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Your wedding day is just as much your day as it is your bride’s and on such a once in a lifetime occasion, hirewear simply won’t cut it. Norton & Townsend offer a bespoke wedding suit service in Leeds and whether you’d prefer traditional morning dress or an evening tux, we’ll work with you to get every last detail just right.

Ordering your perfect wedding suit

At Norton & Townsend it is our aim to make it easy to buy affordable bespoke tailoring. We know it can be difficult to find the time to order a bespoke suit, particularly during the busy time before a wedding – so one of our skilled bespoke tailors will visit you at home or work to talk through your requirements.

From choosing a suit lining with matching ties and cravats through to hand finished shirts and embroidered collars, choosing Norton & Townsend to tailor your wedding attire offers the opportunity to create a look that reflects your style and personality. Your tailor will work closely with you to get those all-important details just right to ensure you feel relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

The process of ordering a bespoke wedding suit from us is simple and takes around six weeks from your initial appointment through to the final fitting. Our reputation depends on our clients looking their very best on their wedding day and we’ll carry out any alterations which may be required to ensure your suit looks perfect.

Unique style, quality and fit

We believe that ill-fitting off the peg designer suits aren’t much better than hirewear and there’s nothing worse than worrying that you might be wearing the same suit as one of your guests. Choosing a bespoke suit from Norton & Townsend is the only way to ensure your suit fits you perfectly and is as unique as you are. We offer our clients a choice of over 5,000 suiting cloths and linings, available in a wide range of weights. Your personal tailor will help you choose the right cloth to enhance your best features and complement your style of suit.

Our wedding suit design service is Leeds offers our clients a wide range of jacket, trouser and detailing options. From one button single breasted jackets, through to different lapel, cuff and vent styles, the possibilities are almost endless! Our tailors have the expertise to create anything from traditional formal wear and tuxedos, through to relaxed two-piece linen suits perfect for an overseas wedding. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll work hard to get every single detail just right.

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Norton & Townsend was established 25 years ago and we take great pride in our reputation for offering our clients the very best quality suits at best value price.

We know that wearing a bespoke is the only way to ensure you look and feel fantastic on your wedding day. To find out more about our tailor made wedding suit service in Leeds or to book an appointment with one of our tailors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Austen's Advice

For some of those bewildering wedding queries, Austen is here to help. Find out how to be well prepared for the big day.

  • Who should the Best Man be?

    Excited Grooms have been known to have a few drinks, announce their engagement to the entire bar and ask the first friend he sees to be the Best Man. This is a mistake. Being best man is a big job, a real honour and has the potential to offend everyone if not handled properly so give it serious thought.

    I think your best man needs to have five great qualities:

    1.       Reliability. Will he be there to help you when you need him?

    2.       Does he know you well? Will he know what kind of Stag Party you will actually enjoy? Can he make a speech with depth, not just tell jokes at your expense?

    3.       Responsible. Can he be left alone to arrange a group of men to go on the Stag Party and manage the Ushers on the big day? Will he lose your rings?

    4.       Diplomacy. Will he keep everyone happy especially your bride and her parents?

    5.       Confidence. Can he stand up in front of your friends and family (sober) and make a memorable, funny and meaningful speech?

    If you still cannot decide who it should be, ask your wife to be. She may not get it completely right but if it’s her decision, you can’t get it wrong.

  • Do I have to wear a Wedding Ring?

    Not all married men wear a ring but if you don’t want to, you will need a good excuse.

    Platinum or gold? Gold is the classic but pure 24 carat gold is too soft so go for 18 which is around 75% pure.

    White gold is 75% pure with other lighter coloured metals added. It’s then rhodium plated which will wear off over time and need re-doing.

    Platinum is heavier and harder so won’t scratch as easily. Its more expensive though.

    Style wise, I think a plain band looks best. Flat on the outside or rounded, select anything from 4mm to 8mm wide depending on how big your hands are and how much you love bling.

    Does your ring have to match your wife’s? It is nice if it does but not essential.

  • What should I wear on the Big Day?

    Some would say that the groom can wear whatever he likes because it is his day as much as anyone else’s. But this is not true.

    There is one overwhelming rule that takes precedent over the groom’s free choice. He absolutely must look his best.

    This is the day when there will be more photos of him than any other day in his life. More gazing eyes, more money spent, more effort, more people.

    The bride will be spending a lot of time and money on her dress. She will take friends and family for a second opinion and attend countless fittings for the perfect tailored fit.

    The groom absolutely cannot leave things to chance. It has to look and fit perfectly. The only way to be sure is bespoke.

    Morning Dress, a long tail coat in black or navy, waistcoat, white shirt with a cravat or tie. This is the classic dress code for a formal wedding and done properly will be the perfect traditional outfit.

    But please do not hire an ill fitting suit from the first hire shop you come across. Hire suits are inevitably going to be designed to fit as many people as possible. They are cut on a  ‘multi-fit’ block – so jackets are generous in the waist, armhole, arm, seat and trousers will have plenty of room in the seat, leg and hem.


  • A Lounge Suit with or without a waistcoat is less formal but no less smart. More than 75% of the wedding suits created by Norton & Townsend fall into this category. Our tailors can help select a fabric that is suitable and doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a work suit. With hundreds of linings available we can be sure to find one that matches the wedding theme, bridesmaids dresses etc. We can also embroider special details on your undercollar or inside lining – the wedding date, initials, anything to add to the sense of occasion. N&T also tailor bespoke shirts to guarantee the perfect finish. Ties and cravats can be made in the lining material to complement your outfit and you can also order neckwear for your groomsmen to ensure they follow the same theme. Anything is possible.

    Dinnerwear is a younger, modern approach and an outfit that transitions perfectly from day to night. It can be slimming, sexy and incredibly smart but it has to be a properly tailored or will look as sloppy and ill thought out as a hired tux. It may be an American approach but Black Tie dress code will ensure the whole male congregation look great and you shouldn’t get confused people in mismatching jackets and trousers, shirts without ties, chinos.

  • Are you speechless?

    If you are stressing over your speech and don’t know where to start then calm down. Unless you enjoy public speaking and are well practiced it is entirely normal to feel anxious.

    The first thing to note is that the Groom’s speech is much easier than the Best Man’s and follows a straightforward 3 point format. So take a deep breath, stand up, wait for the clapping to stop.

    1.       Thank everyone (on behalf of your wife and yourself) for everything. Start with your bride’s father who has just made his speech. Then her Mum and your new family. Then your own family. Be as loving, grateful and thoughtful as you can be which will encourage a few tears from the other mothers in the audience. This is what you want. Thank the bridesmaids, the best man and groomsmen, anyone else who has helped. Hand out a few presents at this point if you like but don’t drag it on or you will lose everyone’s attention. Save some time for point 2…

    2.       The important part. Your new wife. Tell everyone how beautiful she looks, how much you love her. A couple of nice stories, how you met, how she has changed your life, why she is ‘the one’. Never forget that this is actually her day and you’re just sharing it (this is a fact). If you are sincere and loving there will be smiles and tears from the crowd. Everyone will love you more than ever. This is what you need.


  • 3.       The handover. Your best man is next. A quick (clean) joke about him will have everyone laughing and warmed up for him. Finish off with a toast to the bridesmaids.

    Keep the whole thing to 10-15 minutes. Don’t drink too much beforehand. Don’t cry yourself but encourage emotion in the audience – smiles, laughter, tears – and they will be eating out your hand.

    Then sit down, slip the speech back into the inside pocket of your Norton & Townsend jacket, lean over and kiss the bride and relax.

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